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宙組 白夜の誓い ―グスタフIII世、誇り高き王の戦い― / PHOENIX 宝塚!! ―蘇る愛―



宙組白夜の誓い ―グスタフIII世、誇り高き王の戦い―』 / 『PHOENIX 宝塚!! ―蘇る愛―』 banner is out!

ついに出てしまいましたね〜早く見たいような、見たくないような複雑な気持ちです。でもすごい奇麗〜❤ 王室感半端ない!

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Cover of japanese Cut magazine with Marnie + other drawings by Ghibli director/animator Hiromasa Yonebayashi (from his Gashu book).

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Metamorphose~ Kaname Dinner Show

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They had one of the coolest things in a recent Sky Stage special. The show was discussing some of the work that goes on backstage to prepare for a show and, at the end, they had a quick little feature showing the people who work in the different departments.

There are 14 costume designers, 6 dressing room helpers, 10 lighting techs, 7 prop designers, 17 scenery artists, 4 audio techs, and 5 stage hands.

If you think about how much goes into Grand Theater shows that is not a lot of people to tackle that much work so I’m really glad these miracle workers finally got some recognition!

Thanks for all your hard work guys!

(and please ignore Kitarou’s face, she was just really tickled to see everyone one the TV monitor *laughs*)

(also can we talk about how much I love that audio lady who is grinning like “Piss me off and I’ll push this button and then 2,000+ people will suddenly hear you singing like you’re a f*king chipmunk DO NOT TRY ME I HAVE THE POWAH!”)

That’s really cool news to know.  I wonder if the dressing room helpers also to hair/makeup.  Otherwise the numbers sound about right for what I’d expect for a theatre that size.

I’d love to know how many people they have on scenery construction.  Their construction shop must be HUGE.

No, the actresses must do their own hair and makeup (it’s part of Hankyu’s “oh they’re all students, not professionals” tax scheme). I suspect the dressing room helpers are mostly for helping to make sure the costumes are in the right places at the right times and going on the right people and for quick costume fixes if someone tears something (though I know the underclassmen are also assigned to upperclassmen to help them with quick changes and such so I’d guess the dressing room helpers are in charge of the overall stuff while the babies are in charge of specific people).

The 17 scenery artists at the ones in charge of building all the sets. Their shop is located right behind the stage and can be seen in “The Backstage” Sky Stage program.

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I really wanted to buy new graph, because the cover is pretty and I adore Manato lately,but now,when I saw almost every page, i dont see the point….

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